Is it just me, or is you guys think its weird?

So, last night- the whole night actually. I had a dream of my ex... ( I don't have feelings, and am sure that I had moved on) But something tells me he can't stop getting in my head. The dream felt lucid. It was so lucid that before I was about to wake up my lips went all dry from the kissing scene in my dream.

The dream all started when, I attempted to message him on facebook (attempted to do that in reality but didn't) So I went for it asking how he is doing. Unexpectantly he sounds really calm, suddenly we started hanging then broke into the school in the dark. He took my hand and we ran into the bathroom locking the doors with only the candle on. He would put me on his lap and we would start talking in a hush tone. And suddenly he tells me he regrets everything he had done. I would ask why he done it and he would explain. Little by little we started kissing and the dream was close detailed on kissing. Suddenly, the dream stopped as if someone woke up from it too and can't continue the dream.



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  • We usually dream about the things that are most significant to us from the past, present, or future. Dreams in themselves are weird so you can't blame urself for that... but sometimes we do a relapse of past events and you probably have a vivd and fond memory of you two kissing etc... and thats why its appeared in ur dream.

    • We never kissed. Yet.

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    • I'm heading off but all I can say is if you care so much to question your dream of him then maybe you should start thinking about if you really do fancy him still. Just be smart about it, if he did something terrible to you don't forgive him, if not then maybe rethink ur relationship with him :)

    • If he did something terriable, do you think its sometimes to forgive? (Even though he went off my limits?)

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  • thats happens a lot.


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