Isn't this kind of strange?

So my boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago, and we're okay and stuff. I mean, I'm okay. I don't know about him because i dont talk to him anymore.
Anyways, isn't it kind of strange how his friends still kind of keep in touch? Like friends who I've NEVER really kept in contact with EVER? And they're his best friends!
Example: one of his friends Skype messaged me and stuff. Like he never brought up my ex or anything, but he talks to me and my ex considered him his best friend. The weird thing about it is that the guy used to have a crush on me a year before i dated my ex, used to have a crush on my best friend, and we used to be on kind of bad terms as friends/acquaintances. He also kind of flirted with me and stuff too.
Another example: one of his friends who never like paid attention to me on social media (or even in real life) just starts to like my instagram pics and stuff, around the time my ex and I broke up. It wouldn't be much of a big deal (which I'm trying to not let it be) but this guy and my ex hang out ALL OF THE TIME. They're like really, really, REALLY good good friends.
Like my friends dont try to be in any contact with my ex or anything.
isn't there like a bro code that has a rule about something like this? Isn't this kind of strange?


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  • Maybe they're trying to make the most of the opportunity. Or not. You didn't do anything to them so why should you just have to stop talking. I wouldn't be upset if my friends did that

    • So guys don't care if their good friends talk to their exes the way that girls do?

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  • With you and your "EX" who have no love loss now, @TinyCactus, it seems that his besties are Coming out from the wood work now and Trying to see who can get you in their own clutches Next.
    They are still wet behind the ears in years it would seem so it probably doesn't matter if it was your "EX" who Marked his X in your own softie spot first with being two birds of a feather. They know you are a free bird now and they see the moment is right and your nest is empty so they are going to flock around like crows to something sizzling.
    And if I might say, they may have thrown their weird words His own way of telling him you are Hot and they would like to see if they Can... Got you.
    I also feel that with girls who make more of a binding bestie from the restie Pinkie swear, they have more class at any age and their own 'Code' of ethics.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Nothing is wrong with that... I am not sure about his ambition but to me;it sounds he won't try to be ur boyfriend; because they are good friends like u said ;)

  • Well to me it is kind of strange, I am not really sure if it can happen like that.


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  • Men will get it and hit it whenever and wherever they can. Why are you surprised? Your single and they are men !


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