How long is "time?"

my boyfriend said he wanted to take a break for awhile til he got stuff figured out and he just needed "time" how long is time so I know when to just give up and move on


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  • Honestly just live your life like he isn't coming back. Its not fair to you to wait around til he figures out what he wants. If he decides he wants to be with you then that's something you'll have to deal with when it comes, but if you live life without waiting for him now then you won't lose anything in the end if he decides he doesn't want to be with you.

  • Thats a nice way of breaking up with you, I say this from expirienced and learned the hard way. I won't say move on if you still have feelings for him but do treat him indifferent until he realizes he made a mistake. Live your life and take things as they go.


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