Am I completely crazy?

Is it awful that I like having that slim hope that my ex will come back one day?

We were together for 8 months and we were perfect for each other. He ended things for reasons I still don't know. Its been almost 3 months and Its not like I'm wasting my life away hoping he comes back. I go out with my friends, the gym and I've been doing my own thing but part of me still has small hope that he'll come I crazy? Is this unhealthy? I guess I just like thinking that one day he'll regret it and realize what he lost and come fighting for me...silly huh?


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What Guys Said 1

  • you aren't crazy...a lot of people feel the same way you do.

    but you were dating for 8 months...and you'll been like this for 3 months...thats really long.

    and while you say "i'm wasting my life away hoping he comes back" it kind of sounds like you are...

    my ex and I dated for a over a year and I was over her in a month. of course everyone, is different.

    maybe you need to talk to him. and feel things out.

    like find out "is there a chance we will ever get back together."

    regret of a breakup usually happens a few weeks or months afterwards...i highly doubt after a 8 month relationship he is going to contact you 5 months after the break up.

    if you want we can chat about this...i can definitely help you out.

    • That would be super cool of you! shoot me a message if you wouldn't mind helping me...since you posted anonymouse,i can't message you

What Girls Said 1

  • It's not silly, especially since you're still confused about the reasons why he did it. It's not abnormal to still have a shred of hope. But I wouldn't exactly say it's healthy. Just as long as there's a more greater, logical part of you, that knows he might never come crawling back to you. If you still have some hope, it's easier for things to fall short of your expectations. That leads to disappointment and many other icky things.

    I would continue to do what you're doing. It's good that even though you have that ounce of hope - that you're still getting along on your own. Being hung up on him will only make this harder. It sounds like you're also lacking closure. If there's anyway to get some closure with him, I would attempt it. But in a subtle way, as civilized as possible as to not arouse a fight or to back him into a corner.


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