Why would my ex of 6 years text me? Does he still have feelings for me?

I have talk to my ex in six years just yesterday he text me asking why I always look sad. Then from there he would call and text me like we never broke up. Then he ask me if I wanna go eat I said I don't know. He says he is waiting for his ex. But then he keeps bringing up our pass and what could happen. Any advice. please


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  • He is obviously lonely and maybe he realizes what he lost. Maybe he wants sex and thinks you would be ok. You should simply ask him. Although I am married, I am friends with many of my old girlfriends and their husbands. We have learned that, although we may have been "in love" (or so we thought) we now realize that we were obviously not right for each other. That does not mean that all of the good memories we have are not worth reminiscing over. It also means that, when we need someone to talk to, we can still talk. It is understood that there is a line that will never be crossed in order to have intimacy. Maybe your ex just wants to connect as a friend. In any case, you should simply talk to him and, if he has ideas of getting back together, you should go over what broke you up and, you want, take it slow. If he is only calling to see if he can get easy sex, taking it slow may expose that. If you have no desire to restart the relationship, let him know. 6 years is a lot of time and people grow and change, with is another reason to go slowly.


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  • Sometimes when people go through a rough patch in their life they remember the past and reach out to people from their past. It is possible that he wants to try again, but it doesn't necessarily have to be the case.

    • Oh. Ok. Yeah he kept talking about how would it be if we get back together. But he loves his ex because they had a kid together

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