Why is it so hard to give him space?

So, me and the man I love have been together on and off for 5 years (try to keep up there is more) we just met in person 4 months ago. I consider him my bestfriend, this is why it hurts to give him space, I ask him too many questions and bother him on if we can ever get back together. He ran off to another state and he is keeping me on my toes, at points I think he likes hurting me but I can't stay away. Do you guys have any opinions on what I should do? I never give up on him, but other partners I've been with I didn't care as much has I have been about him.


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  • What do you mean he ran off to another state? and what do you mean by him keeping you on your toes? and what do you mean you keep asking him to get back together? how long have you been broke up? I'll give you an opinion but I need more details.

    • He left the state that me and him were together, he keeps leading me on and what not, we broke up about 4 days ago and he tells me how happy he is but he used to do this to purposely hurt me. All I do is try to take care of him and he does the same with me but he tells me we will meet up in another state that im moving to because where im from ruined us. The town I live in Is small and filled with horrible people.

    • I dont know... Doesn't quite sound right to me... Did he ask you to go with him before he moved?

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  • What you should do is ignore him. I know you can't, but you will have to. If you keep being available to him, there's absolutely no incentive for him to make up his mind.


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  • I think it's possible u still love him


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