Lets see if I get it..

1 1/2 yrs.. Been in love.. He's my passion. That one. Puzzle piece.. Out of no where, no contact.. 3 days.. Come & go. Waited outside his house for some kind of idea of what was up. Thought of everything he could say and the lie about.. Then I had my best friend/man in the whole world say he lost his phone when it couldn't of been that.. Why? Never any trust issues then this. lost. Confusion.


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  • Well... he could have honestly lost his phone.. then again, why couldn't he use someone elses to contact you to let you know? or stop by your house to fill you in? I think you should try to talk to him about it, get to the bottom of it and then if you find out he lied, found out why he felt the need to do so.

  • it sounds like he just is avoiding you, you might be too clingy. or he's just losing interest.

    but if you say that there has never been trust issues then why start now?


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