Why won't it all stop?

So, If it took me 11months to get over my ex ( after the terrible things been done to me) and If I learned to move on, and not pay attention to him so much. Why is everything keep coming back to me? And don't say We we're meant to be, because that's not true. I would get so many "romantic" dreams of him, that we haven't met up (had trouble meeting up) I would get lucid dreams. When I'm doing something I get this feeling in my chest/heart that I should message him and ask how he is doing. I would go on this pixalted game that I would look at all the rooms he built and fun times we had. And he deleted some rooms but not the rooms he made for me. Should I care how he is doing? I really don't. I hardly remember what happened, but going back to the journal writing all my thoughts out... I remember. everything. Well, not everything but most of it. Like one night, I ate too much for that night and the WHOLE night I had a lucid dream. I wake up thinking

What just happened? I'm aware that didn't think of him..


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  • Because when we think back we mostly remember the good things. Being in a relationship with someone and opening up to them is something we don't do with too many people, of course you will still think of that person from time to time and wonder how they are doing, it is because at one point they were a part of your life. As more time passes you will think of that person less and less. Don't stress over it so much ! :)

    • Not a great Idea to ask how they doing is it?

    • If you think it will bring up past feelings, then give it some more time. :)

    • more time? oh my lord. I thought I was over it, I was officallyhappy. Is that mean I can't find great people till I've moved on?

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  • Just give it time.


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  • Give yourself some time, you will be okay. I can understand you think those things but it's only normal and it will pass.


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