Why is he mad? Ex Bf? Guys?

My ex boyfriend mad at me because I never talk to him. He been ignoring me and being rude. So I finally asked him "whats up?" He said " You dont ever hit me up, you ignored me until you wanted something."

I told him "I have nothing to say to you everytime we have ever talked you have turned the conversation sexual. Thats not what I want. If you want to be friends ok but other then that no."

He said "I understand that and have I turned the conversation sexual since then"
I said "Its only been a week"
He said" You dont ever hit me up and you ignored me for months "
I said" I have been hitting you up more "
He said" Thats recently but I have hit you up way more then you have me"
I said "Well, were talking now"


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  • so i believe he's hopin u'll stay friends with benefits at least. that's y he gets mad when u ignore him.
    but if he doesn't understand u don't wanna be friends with benefits... y don't u block him?


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  • I never understood why people talk to their exes. Why is he still in the picture?

    • I dont talk to him but when he throws a fit (like this) I do.

    • He cannot threw a fit if there's no contact

    • Cause I need to block him

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