Ex kept bringing up the past?

Me and my ex have been broken up a little over a year now due to distance issues and him thinking it was the best thing. We were together for 3 years and we've rarely talked since the break up and when we did it was the ocasional awkward small talk. But on Sunday night I guess he was having a bad night and we ended up talking from 11pm to 4am. we were joking around and just being friendly but he would bring up old memories that even I forgot about until now. most of them being when we were still together. He would say things like
"Sometimes I wish I could rewind time to..." (certain nights we spent together)
"Do you still watch?" (things we used to watch together)
"Do you still go to? I haven't been there since I left you thinking it was the right thing..." (what's that last part supposed to mean?)
etc.. etc..
By the end of all of that he said it was nice to talk to me and to get his mind off of everything and letting the night slide by...
I'm just left wondering if he still has feelings for me... because he's never showed he does.
we haven't talked since Sunday though, except for about 3 texts on Monday.


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  • if he keeps bringin up da past often then he thinks about u pretty often as well i believe... it might be just friendly though and he's just bringin up good moments u had by just being friends by then... although it might be a hint he's still havin feelings towards u yet he doesn't wanna make it obvious


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