Ex-girlfriend breaks it off and continues to annoy me?

So my ex-girlfriend and I went out for almost 4 months. She broke up with me twice...we got back together after the first time at the 2 month mark. Two or three weeks after we broke up, and she contacted me on Facebook telling me she is dating a new guy blah blah blah. Then today, which is 5 weeks after our breakup, she tells me she is dating a football player at the college I went to. She knows I love the team and go to all the games.

Each time she messaged me, I played it cool and threw it back at her claiming she isn't over me blah blah blah.

What the hell is she doing? Is she that bored she needs to keep telling me this stuff?

Is she making this all up to make me jealous or hurt?

The breakups were nothing serious. I didn't cheat on her or anything. She claimed she wasn't feeling it. I really haven't talked to her since. My theory is she is p*ssed I'm not begging for her back which her ex-boyfriends have done in the past.


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  • jus let her be and if she start talkin to sum1 else within a month and going wit them then its not gon last.. maybe she jus gettin back at u... jus play da game better than she is.. chicks come and go but make sure the next chick be better than this 1


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  • trying to make you jealous

  • Either she lyin about it just to get a response outta you, or she's just really immature. If she annoys you just don't message her back because that will annoy her


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