Help me analyze my ex's behavior... Long story, sorry!

We broke up several months ago... we texted and e-mailed for a couple months, I said I needed time. I went no contact for a month and a half. I really healed.

He emailed me saying he missed me, and that he'd like to chat,I thought about it for a week and I told him if he wanted to chat he could call me any time.

He didn't reply, I thought maybe he was p*ssed I hadn't replied for a week, or that he was expecting me to phone him.

A month later I sent an e-mail telling him I was fine, things were going well for me, and fun little things I had been up to with friends and family, and I told him I deleted his number, so I couldn't call him... a couple days later he wrote me an e-mail twice as long about what he had been up to, but said that "I could have his number when I was ready" ? I replied, but I ignored what he said about his number and didn't mention it.

He didn't reply, but I hadn't expected him to, at least not for a month or two, three weeks later he mails me telling me he hadn't ignored my e-mails, he had just been away sick, and he'd write me a long one as soon as he had free time.

I told him it was no problem, the beauty of e-mail is that we reply when we want. And asked him how he was doing.

He said "e-mail does make it easier". and then wrote me another long e-mail about why he was off ill.

I replied again, I'm not expecting a reply for a while.

What does he mean by "make it easier..." make what easier? I've done my grieving. Does he mean make it easier for him, why is it so hard still, for him and if it is so hard why does he still want contact?

We broke up for two reasons 1. I kept telling him I was leaving to live in another town for a year. but didn't want to break up 2. I got very depressed in the last three months of our relationship over issues that are now resolved.

He doesn't know they're resolved, but I don't want to tell him via e-mail because I think it would make a massive impact if I told him to his face.

Am I insane to believe he still loves me but thinks I'm no good for him because of the way I was in the last few months and he thinks I'll never change.

Is it possible that his new found freedom from not having to care about a girl friend is keeping him from wanting to rekindle a the level of love that he, not long ago, before my depression caused us to drift apart, he couldn't live with out? Could the fact we were so close be the thing that is keeping our communication e-mail only.

He's now with a girl, although his routines are the same, but he's having affairs with women from dating sites behind her back

Is that why he seems so reluctant to call, because he doesn't want any feelings to be getting in the way of his fun, or am I just delusional?


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  • Don't bother with your ex

    • lol thank you, no worries though, I've moved on a long time ago. He has a girl friend and so do I :D

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