How can I forget my crush after she rejected me?

i had a really big crush on a girl , i'm not a weirdo or anything like that and i'm not a nerd but i had a feeling that she was out of my league but no matter how hard i tried i kept falling for her more everyday we used to text from time to time i would always make her smileor post blushing emoticons , i wanted to make her something special even after i wrote her 2 poems i decided to knit her a scarf and she loved it when i told her about it , then i put the scarf with a flower in a box and gave them to her and told her that she gave me the best gift ever which is letting me know her , she said she was thankful and that she didn't know what to say and left for her class , then she started ignoring my texts and trying to avoid me in everyday life , when i texted her about it she replied and said she is with someone now , that she has a boyfriend and that we can never talk again and told me to delete her number , i told her that if thats where her happiness lies i will do as she says but she should know that i loved her , she said that she only wanted us to be friends , i told her i will always love her and i hope her boyfriend loves her as much as i do and that he makes her happier more than i ever could and said congratz and bid her farewell , now how can i forget her , was this all my fault , or wasn't she worth it? wasn't i good enough?


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  • I'm sorry this happened to you.

    It's not your fault. You cannot force someone to feel things for you that they don't. It's not her fault either. People can't feel romantically towards every person they meet. It's not that you weren't good enough. It's just that the two of you aren't compatible and nothing can prevent that from happening. It's a situation beyond your control.

    Time will make the pain better. Each day just focus on yourself and what makes you happy. It will get better but you just need to realize it's over and that you can't change the situation. It is what it is so let go and allow yourself to heal.


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  • No, it's not your fault but I don't understand one thing. First she told you she is with someone new and told you to never talk again, but then later she says let's be friends? what's this? she seems to change her mind very fast? did you accept her request?

    If you still didn't accept that request, I would suggest don't do that because tommorow again she may tell you not to talk again because her boyfriend is bothered by that fact, it can happen right? so don't accept her request, don't contact her again/ That's the only way to get over her. That's the only way to forget her.

    • she said that she wanted us to be friends nothing more when we first got to know each other then she said that we shouldn't text again but she will say hi when she sees me , she said we shouldn't text anymore because she has a boyfriend now and she might get in trouble

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