Is this a good way of telling my ex that I don't wanna go back with him?

"It's nothing that you said... It's just that, I need to find myself, find who I am and who I'll become, and I know that I've been saying that if things changed we could get back together, but that was before I realized what I wanted... I do love you, but the chapter in our lives where we are together was closed, a new chapter is going on right now, and I think that it's just gonna be me for now, maybe if in a future chapter we are supposed to live happily ever after, than we will... but you can't stop trying to be better, I want you working out every week, and finding a job and actually enjoying it, and I want you to get that GED, and then start college if you want to... I need to know that if and when we get back together, that we can have a future... What I'm trying to say is that for right now I'm not gonna be able to honestly tell you if we are gonna get back together, or when it how, but I can tell you that yes I do love you"


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  • Sounds fine to me. Though I wouldn't end on “I love you”... Especially since it is so long. The first and last statements are what people focus on when they hear something. Or read it. But with reading you can go back an re-read. Anyway, yes, it is fine.


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