How did you move out when you did ?

I am trying to move out of my parents place asap as in the next 2 weeks. I really need some genuine tips about the best site to go to look for renting apartments. Please don't tell me to "google it" thanks


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  • Look for places through your college boards, community boards, newspapers, websites.

    Find out if you want to have pets, allowed to smoke etc.

    Have some good references. Landlords will want to know your history i.e. If you have a job etc.

    Look at prices: Weekly? Fortnightly? Find out how much bond money you need to deposit to landlords/agents first hand.

    Get someone to help you move.

    If your placed is not furnished, you need essentials like a fridge, a chair, a bed etc.

    I moved out when I was 19, couldn't sleep the first night! I didn't have a bed, I had an air mattress! Now I have everything a bachelor could want! Good luck!


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  • How? It was a mess.

    During my last years at the Uni things went sour and they didn't see me much at home, then I was drafted ( worked to become a commissioned officer in order to get at least a pay during draft) and just went back once to get my books and disks back -half a car load- and my clothes (not much :-P )

    IDK what happened to the rest of my belongings, it wasn't much worth anyway. Pff.

    My wife-to-be first rented a miserable (unheated) furnished attic room in the little town where she was assigned a teaching job, we survived 2 years that way: she there and me in the military, seeing each other whenever possible. I collected day's of army leave by volunteering guard duties and by donating blood. This enabled us to take a vacation together.

    When at last I got honourable discharge from the army I took the first job offered of course

    (I should have had time to get a more fitting one) and we married a few days later. With help from my parents in law, my wife's salary and my savings from my soldier's pay (less than peanuts thus) installed a little apartment in an other town .

    My "close" family came to the little dinner we had for our marriage. I didn't see my father back after that but once, in the hospital.

    Afterwards I didn't see my mother back until my father was buried, then when my oldest brother married, then when he died and was buried.

    When our son was born she started stalking us but we coped with that, getting an unlisted number.

    Of course I lost all my friends too during that period. (I met some of them again, much later)

    (A this moment I see my younger brother his wife and kids once or twice a year. He's a nice guy but his wife, well, she's his choice. Good looking but...)

    Don't do it the way we had to do it if you don't have the spirit to survive though things.

  • but wt kind of climate you like and wt about ur financial condition there are lot of factors considered before moving to other place like neighborhood,finance,climate and location etc etc so consider these factors hope you ll find the right place to go all the best

  • 2 weeks is an awfully short timespan. moving is something you should plan a few months in advance. I really don't think any good will come of you doing it with this little of a timeframe.


    It's as simple as that. It's free of charge as well!

  • yea craigslist is good. but try to find some friends that you can share with. that will be a good start. I'm tryina move out too after new year.

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  • Go to:

    I worked for a property management company and this site is amazing. You can search by company or by what you're looking for and it gives you prices, numbers, sometimes square feet, contact numbers and pictures.

  • try going on the website of a local college and look for off-campus housing ads


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