I feel guilty for how I reacted? Was I wrong?

Ex boyfriend was caught cheating with his exgirlfriend. She messaged me showing messages between them from a totally different cell phone and she threatened to hurt me. He had another cell phone on my plan. We use to work together and I guess he thought I was going to tell on him so he told my supervisor. When he came to my house after everything happened I stated that if he didn't leave me alone I would go to a superior ( I said it mostly out of anger) When I left he started flirting with the intern. I put his belongings outside, cut off the phone on my plan and went off on the both of them. Also threatening to go to the supervisor. This is out of character but I feel bad. I'm just trying to make sense of what happened and what I did to deserve this :(


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  • You just shouldn't have involved your job...

    • I didn't he went to the supervisor.

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    • no problem! But for some reason I still feel guilt for getting upset and saying what I said

    • Well, what is done is done. Now just break up and don't be with him because he showed you he can't be trusted.

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  • No your weren't wrong at all cheatersbshall be cheaters maybe the other women will out him on her plan and let him stay with her she can put up with the b. s I personally feel you shouldn't feel bad

    • Thank you! I appreciate it usually I'm cool calm and collected but he put me through so much with this situation. It was so embarrassing and hurtful.

    • Cheaters shall be cheaters** put**
      And no problem and yeah you deserve better waaaayyyy betterrr

    • Thank you!

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  • Good for YOU he had it coming. He is a jerk he deserves that and more. I am glad you cut off the phone if your not good for one thing your not good for another. Don't feel bad because I wouldn't.. LOL!!

  • He should be the one feeling bad , He keeps on disrespecting you.


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