Should I let my daughter stay over?

my baby's fathers new girl hates me. me & him are always arguing about any little thing and she always feels like she has to put her 2 cents in when its none of her business. she constantly texts me and talks sh*t to me on the phone. anyway he usually takes our daughter who just turned two every other weekend, but I don't feel like letting him take her anymore. last week me and his girlfriend got into a really heated argument so now I feel like she will try to take her anger out on my child when my ex is not around. him and his girlfriend live together . I feel like only letting him take her when his mother stays over so his mother can make sure my daughter is getting taking cared of good. do you think I'm paranoid for thinking that his girlfriend might hurt my child in anyway. she is obsessed with my ex and I feel like she will do anything so that I will not be in the picture anymore. but we have a child together so I'm not going anywhere no time soon.


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  • I think you have to talk about that with your ex, you and him alone. Let him know what you think of his girlfriend without over exagerating. Obviously you guys have a kid together which means that you will be in contact forever.. I'd suggest you change your number and make sure his girlfriend doesn't have it cause it makes no sense her having it and texting you. my parents divorced when I was 6yrs old because my dad cheated on my mom (he eventually got married with the other woman and are still together, with a daughter) and I can't recall one time my mom had any communication with the other woman, never ever, and it's been 15years now, they have never met. your ex needs to make her understand that anything that has to do with you and the baby is none of her business, it is not up to you to let her know or else it will turn into another fight. talk to your ex calmly and with confidence. the one thing that is sure is that you cannot take away his right to see his child, or else it will take you both to court and I don't think you want to get into that process

    • She got my number because she went through his phone & copied it. so she will always have my number even if I change it. he always brings his new girlfriend around me. he even brought her to our daughters 2 year old birthday party. I was trying to be nice too her but she crossed the line when she started texting me & calling me a slut & talking about my family. I told my ex not to bring her around me anymore because next time I won't be so nice. hopefully he will listen. I don't want 2 go 2 court

    • As long as you and your ex are on the same page (him understanding your fears and wants, it is your child we are talking about) there shouldn't be any talks about court, hope everything will turn out ok, let him know you don't want her in your daughter's life, not beccause she's the other woman, but because of her personality

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