Why can't I forget about my first boyfriend?

I ask this because I can't believe it's been a year and I still cry over him and miss him sometimes, I can't help myself. We had a really good relationship, the best one I ever had to be honest. He always said sweet things to me, took care of me, gave me lots of love and he also was my first man ever (he popped my cherry).
I really wish I could forget him and stop crying over him, it makes me feel ridiculous... any tips? :(


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  • It's going to continue. I still think about my ex i was with over five years ago. There will be feelings that you had with that one that you don't think you will have with someone else. You just have to keep reminding yourself that you are better off and that you can get better. Then start to better yourself, focus on your own goals and achievements. Loving yourself will bring the memories of this ex, not to a complete stop but less frequently if you are busy living your own life.


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  • Just give it time.


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