I'm so confused.. Any advise will be appreciated?

I recently came of a relationship with a partner of one year ( mike ) . I was so miserable in that relationship and always thought of my ex before him ( tom ) . About 2 weeks ago, myself and tom start chatting on Facebook! I haven't seen tom in 2 years ( since the split ) . I can honestly say it was the hardest break up I had! I thought of Tom since the day we broke up and I missed him. We broke up because at the time I was too stressed for a relationship and he was too immature, so we kept arguing! Tom asked me out for dinner last weekend, I said yes straight away.. My hands were trembling before he appeared! It felt great to see him ( he always made me laugh ) . We had dinner and some drinks, we were catching up! I then went back to his apartment and we had sex, fell asleep in his arms! The next day we got up had lunch and laughed some more! I felt so happy. When it was time for me to leave him again, my hands started trembling! We have spoke everyday since via video chat and messanger. But, what now? How will I know if he wants to try again? I'm too nervous to ask. I had this feeling before that he was a bit scared of me because of the break up. I can't stop thinking about everything, am I wasting my time? I don't know what to do.. Please, somebody give me some advise


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  • I'm afraid you'll just have to muster up all your courage and ask if you want to know. There's no other way to find out really. Unless you want to wait until he says something about it, but that might never happen. The worst he can say is he doesn't want to try again, and even then the world won't end.

    • Thanks for response. Do you think I stand a chance?

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