Have you ever dreamed of an ex lover?

I have been single/dating on and off for 9 months now
but last night I had a dream about my ex girlfriend
that she wanted to get back together, that she tried calling so many times, that she still loves me and I gave her a second chance... Everyone I know says I never stopped loving her which I hate! I want to be done with her so bad...
She has a boy friend for about 7 months now but I really just want to call her. But I know that's not right... What should I do? Was the dream a sign?
And have you dreamed of an ex lover before?
Any help? Anyone!


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  • Hahaha good one my friend...
    Real smooth😘

    • I don't know who you are lol
      i am genuinely seeking advice for this!

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    • Thanks forgot that

    • No worries

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