Do you believe in redemption?

In life redemption basically means life's second chance. a lot people tend to believe that there are no second chances. So, do you believe in second chances in life? Why or why not?


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  • Well, a bit of personal history:

    I got my university degree in 5yrs-normal over here- and then a real good job after only three years in the company-quite fast over here. I did good work in it and then, at 30, I had a serious illness which took me out of circulation for a year. Because I'd done a good job I wasn't fired but (of course) that good job was gone to someone else when I came back and I had to start my career all over again.

    To get at a good level again it took me way more years than I had needed to get my degree and to get that first good job. It also took me a lot more work: not even thinking about 9 to 5. (The management new about my medical history of course, thus they had esteem mixed with second thoughts)

    Thus, yes, one gets 'second chances' but they can be harder.


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  • ex: a man/woman finding love after a divorce etc, another job that is paying well.. however, you can never ever forget the past, redemption means that the past is gone and forgotten, in life-time, there is no thing as forgetting, there is always going to be someone/something reminding you the past


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  • Once a mistake is made there is no going back. You can recover from a wrong decision, and decide to make things right, but there is no real 'second chance' what's done is done. Generally people are always going to remember what you did, and on some level, judge you for it. I believe that because of my own experience with such things.


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