He cheated. now what?

my boyfriend cheated on me with an old girlfriend of his. I knew something was up because she would spread rumors about them two but every time I confronted him he lied(of course)

i finally got the truth out of him. he felt really miserable and when I told him I couldn't be with him he began to cry and begged me not to go.

he said he would stop talking to her but I wanted him to text her that they couldn't talk anymore but he refused say "he just didn't want to do it" (hes said that once before when it came to confronting her about the rumors and he didn't want to (obviously because they were true)

now he said that he wouldn't talk to her but idk. NO I'm not getting back with him anytime soon. but I hate the thought that he goes with her after everything him and I have been through.

does the fact that he doesn't want to tell her anything mean that he doesn't want to lose her as a option or that he just doesn't want to be mean (because he's not one for confrontation)

he said he was truly sorry and that it was just a fling. at first he said he liked her but then he said he just liked talking to her.

can anyone help me understand?


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  • He doesn't want to cut contact with her. If he was truly sorry, then he would tell her not to talk to him and he won't be talking to her and cut off all contact.

    Its not that he doesn't want to be mean. He knows you will come back and he can continue to do the things he does to you.

    Leave him. he isn't worth it. You need someone who will respect you and love you for you. Not someone willing to cheat.

    Once a cheater, always a cheater. He is ALWAYS going to want something different and try to do it behind your back, knowing he will get away with it.

    you deserve better.

  • seriously. f*** him. what a piece of sh*t, I'm sorry that's ridiculous. I don't know what you expect to hear from people but there's no explanation or excuse for the way he treated you. god I hate assholes lol. only think you can do now is let it go I guess. and you know even if he really cared and honestly cried for you and loved you... he's not gonna text her in front of you? like wtf does that tell you right there? UGH.


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