What is the point of telling someone you are bothered by something they supposedly did?

in the past, when they can no longer do anything about it?

A guy that I have been becoming closer to, & he to me {I presume because he is always looking for me to spend time with and we talk lots & we spend lot of time together & I don't know I just feel it.

Anyways we were a having a "talk", where he let me know about all the stuff he was mad about. Part of this is that I apparently wanted to do stuff a lot at one point & he did not want to give me the "wrong idea."

OK. I did not want to do stuff all the time & I only asked him twice cause I thought I was leaving soon... But anyways it was lie THREE MONTHS AGO. We have been hanging out on a daily bases since then & at that time we hung out frequently but only in public, now we hang out at his place...

So WHY would he tell me this now, after telling me he had feelings for me?

Even if he really was mad about it then, I which case of course he could have just SAID something which he did not, why tell me NOW. It is not like I can know to stop talking to him then -now.

I mean why would he want me to feel bad or disagree with something like that. It is not a big deal if it were true, & if false as I believe it to be, it adds animosity. Maybe he was TRYING to get me upset?

I don't get it - - ?


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  • It means venting out


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