Will he ask me out soon?

I recently gave a guy my number without him even asking for it while he was working. Honestly, it's the most outgoing and courageous thing I've ever done, but I was fueled by a small case of heart-shatter due to me not being assertive enough. He was very nice and flirty, so I figured it was worth the risk.

After I gave him my number, he did respond and we have texted a few times since the incident.

He has mentioned a few times about us getting together soon to hang out, even suggesting to meet up after I go back to school. But, since I'm home for college on winter break and he goes to a different university, it would be much easier of we could meet up before I left (only a couple more weeks).

So, based on the light amount of information I've provided about his actions, do you believe that he will ask me soon, before I leave for school?

Thanks very much for any thoughts. :)

Here, if this helps:I have a feeling that he is interested, calling me cute and asking about my interests and what movies I enjoy. He also insisted we have to get together soon to play video games.Sorry, I can't do anything more brave, haha.


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  • "He has mentioned a few times about us getting together soon to hang out."


    "He was very nice and flirty"


    He is interested

    If you would like to pursue a "relationship" or hanging out / etc, I strongly recommend that you allow him the opportunity to be a man and court you. If you are overly assertive to your feelings and taking the lead, he will be left feeling wierded out (which could risk pushing him away).

    You've given him your number, now just give him information of what you do / would like to do. If you want to go with more than that - mention your desire to go to chucky cheeses or something ;-) Have some fun WITH him at these places (Go in the kiddy section, in the ball area).

    You already amazed ME, by giving "him" your number. Now amaze "him", by being patient but outgoing.

    Best regards,


    • I disagree.

      If she was already gave him her number and he was supposedly interested, then what's wrong with her following through and expressing interest in meeting before they go home? Maybe you'd be paranoid and avoid being tested, but considering she already made the move and he responded positively, I think it's worth a shot.

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    • 1) "After...Incident" - Just because he isn't intimidated doesn't mean anything. Who would be intimidated by someone trying to get to know another person, unless your in a false reality where that person has an exception.

      2) "He...out"

      - Fantastic, he knows he wants to hang out - why would you mention something so self explanatory. Again - nothing to do with his feelings

      3) "I...interests"

      - Just because they call you cute, does not mean they like you. Learn psychology "smart one"

    • With his request (playing video games) you can assume that his personality would be shy based on a stereotype of "gamers". If he is shy, yet persisting in calling you cute / trying to interact with you - then you could assume that he is trying something he is rather uncomfortable with to be with you (again based on the stereotype).

      No two people are the same, so if you would like to provide further insight as to his character or how he speaks with you (other than "cute") - I could help more.

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  • There's no way of knowing. Some guys just use this type of exchange "for practice."

    If you want to know, just put him on the spot. Either assert that you want to meet before you leave, or else ask him if he wants to meet up before you leave. Can't get this answer without asking him.

    • I disagree.

      If a woman tried to "put me on the spot" I would feel like it's a test to see if I was worth pursueing. I would laugh and undoubtedly shut her out of my life.

  • ask him, he won't know that it is more convienient to meet up sooner rhather than later and won't wanna seem pushy, girls can get away with it so say look it would be easier to meet now as...

    • I don't agree with asking him, but I do agree with communicating your desires.

      If you apply too much assertiveness (taking charge) then he doesn't have the opportunity to "take lead" and be the man that he is.

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