Will he ask me out soon?

I recently gave a guy my number without him even asking for it while he was working. Honestly, it's the most outgoing and courageous thing I've ever done, but I was fueled by a small case of heart-shatter due to me not being assertive enough. He was very nice and flirty, so I figured it was worth the risk.

After I gave him my number, he did respond and we have texted a few times since the incident.

He has mentioned a few times about us getting together soon to hang out, even suggesting to meet up after I go back to school. But, since I'm home for college on winter break and he goes to a different university, it would be much easier of we could meet up before I left (only a couple more weeks).

So, based on the light amount of information I've provided about his actions, do you believe that he will ask me soon, before I leave for school?

Thanks very much for any thoughts. :)
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Here, if this helps:I have a feeling that he is interested, calling me cute and asking about my interests and what movies I enjoy. He also insisted we have to get together soon to play video games.Sorry, I can't do anything more brave, haha.
Will he ask me out soon?
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