Why do exes contact you years later when they left?

Basically my ex was a b*****d when we were together and was even worse when we split. I actually had to get the police involved cos he was stealing my post, threatening my belongings/pets etc. Every time I see him by chance (it has been 3 times now) in town or similar I get grief like insurance quotes for us both and now he has actually searched me out on FB to add me as a friend! Am I right in thinking PSYCHO? Or is there some unwritten rule that blokes most get in contact with an ex within 4 years cos this has happened with EVERY other ex I have had?

Luckily current fella is an army man and very big and tough so no worry about my safety! :o)


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  • I guess all your exes miss you. It's hard to take it as a compliment, but please do. And, of course, ignore them.


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