Let her down easy?

How do I let a girl down easily if she likes me and thinks I like her but don't?


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  • There isn't an easy, and this is gonna hurt, so just prepare for it. And things will be awkward for awhile, too.

    The best thing is to approach it upfront. Honesty is the best policy, really. Sit her down, tell her straight that you don't like her romantically. If she's a friend, play that up, tell her that you value her friendship, that she's a good person, etc. but that you have no romantic interest in her.

    The best thing is to be honest about it, while also keeping your cool. This can be a very hard situation, but it can be done in a way that will resolve the conflict without everyone ending up too crushed after.


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  • I don't think there's an easy way & she's gonna be hurt no matter what you do so just make a hint.

    If she's not ur friend just stay away from her & hope she get message

    If she's a friend well.. just act neutral, like a friend talk about girl you like & she'll step back, hopefully..

    Good luck

  • ok, to let her down EASILY you need to do this in an absent-minded/non-confrontational way, but you can start talking about another girl you like when you're around her, don't give her a lot of attention when you're around her, purposely forget things she has told you (I do this one with guys when I don't like them) like, forget something she told you about herself (where she grew up, what her middle name is, how many siblings she has) and keep sneaking in comments that show that you still haven't remembered it after she's corrected you a dozen times. if she has blonde hair and blue eyes let her overhear you saying how you're crazy in love with brunettes. in general, just act like you don't care. she'll probably be crazy and try to get you to care, but if you consistently don't give her the time of day, she'll get the point.

    • I dunno... that sounds really passive agressive to me. I think it'll only hurt her a lot more and over a longer period of time. I think when she starts to obviously come on to him or flirt he needs to take a step back and let her know he doesn't want it. if she bluntly brings it up, then just tell her how you feel.

    • Oh it's COMPLETELY passive aggressive. an alternative could be to say "hey, I don't like you, and even though you like me, I don't forsee liking you in the future, so please give up all of your fantasies of the two of us being together and find someone that thinks you're worthwhile." this will do the trick, plus probably give some child psychologist a little extra work around the holidays.

  • you don't want to hurt her, and the hard part is deciding...based on her personality, which way to let her down would be better. If she's not really upfront about her feelings then the passive aggressive approach (as long as you don't completely ignore her or act like a jerk- that makes things way worse) would work, but if you have talked about feelings for each other in the past or she seems very open about them to you, then maybe just tell her you don't want to ruin your friendship and want to stay friends when she tries to flirt with/make a move on you next. Some girls need closure (need you to bluntly state what's going on in your head-in a nice way though- so they can move on), while some others would prefer the non-verbal way of telling them. I'm one of the many that needs closure, but I don't know your circumstances or what she's like. Good luck!


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