Should this be driving me crazy??

My boyfriend of 7 months is still friends with some of his exes. It makes me uncomfortable that he talks to them even though it's been years since he dated the two he talks to. They also live far away, but a part of me still gets really jealous.

Guys what does it mean when you talk to exes? If it's been years, is it really just friends?


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  • I have an Ex I'm still very close with. We talk frequently and I've never been interested in rekindling the relationship. It might be a good sign that he's able to maintain a friendship with people he used to be romantic with. In my case my ex and I realized we were good friends but weren't in love so we dropped the romantic part of the relationship. Of course we weren't that close again for a while, but did keep in touch. Eventually we brought it back to the friendship we started with.

    I'm not saying its not possible that he still feels something for them, you're going to have to figure that out for yourself, but if they have a lot of history its probably just friendship.

  • They could just be friends catching up.


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