I need help. The girl that turned me off can't get out of my head. How can I get her back or forget her?

She has rejected me and now she doesn't wish even to speak with me.

That means she ignores me completely. Should I do the same or should I try to speak with her again? That's pretty frustrating because she lives in my neighborhood and I see her occasional. I am completely discouraged, what means that I am even not really interested in other girls at the moment. Has somebody experiences (or solutions) with such a situation?


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  • You should leave her alone. She has made it clear she has zero interest in having you in her life, so why try to force her? I know it's seriously irritating when someone brushes you off like that, but it's probably driving you crazy because you want to know WHY she completely turned her back on you and not that you actually want to be around her. Her silence may just mean she feels awkward and she will break the ice eventually, or she might just want nothing to do with you.

    And yes, I have had similar experiences, and I have learned that people have a choice in who/what they face in their lives. You can't force anyone to be nice to you or give you a reason for ignoring you if they don't want to. All you can do is let them make their choice and move along.

    • Why is not so important to me. I think that her behavior is unresprectful. If a girl loves me but I don't reciprocate the feelings then I always tell her what the reason is and if she wants an answer I give it her. Moreover we can stay friends and I am not ignoring her completly.

    • Yea I had that happen to me too I like a girl we made out and she started dating me friend it was a hard thing to do? But I got over it

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