Is not going out smart or are we being dumb?

OK me and this guy Josh have known each other since around August or July this year. And now we're saying we love each other and I just love talking to him, and everything. I mean it just feels totally right haha. But the problem is he lives 30 miles away and I've only seen him in person once, even though I talk to him ALL the time everyday on IM and the phone. We don't want to go out because we don't know each other very well in person, but all of my friends say we're just chicken, or being stupid and we should just go out anyways. I'm in the middle.. because I've never had a boyfriend and just the thought of it gives me a stomachache and because we don't know each other in person but I want to because he's totally perfect (besides the fact he's 11 months younger and goes to a different school) and he loves me for me(:


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  • well unless he can come and visit you often then its all talk! and you won't see any growth in yo relationship


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  • if you don't know him very well, how do you know you love him? if you loved each other, then you would want to make the effort to see each other and to have an in person relationship. if you let this relationship go on without building it's physical reality, you're just setting yourself, and him, up for heartbreak. it's so much harder to cut ties with someone to whom you were never tied, and to find the closure at the end of a relationship, when it never officially started or exsisted. trust me, I've been there. make the relationship work, if you really think you love each other, or end it now.

    pax <3


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