Should I tell him I'm moving to his city?

Here's the deal, I met a guy through my best friend who lives in another city. I went to go visit, and I absolutely love that city now!, anyways, I've been wanting to get away from my city, and possibly go to school somewhere else, and I've decided to move to that city in a few months and am really excited about it, my question is, should I mention it to him? if I should, how can I say it without it seeming like he has anything to do with it?


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  • Talk about the different schools you're thinking of going to and mention the one you're aiming for in the city. Talk about the program you're taking and how you're looking forward to it. And it won't be long before he thinks 'hey! that's where I am".

  • i'm in exactly the same situation, I live in a small town in ontario and moving to ottawa for school in january , the only catch some local girls I meet during the summer at the local bar also go to school there , I'm not moving there just cause of them but some of them sure are going to think so , so yeah I'm not sure what to say to them about this but anyways its a big city so I doubt I'll even see that much of them when I actually move there in january . and I'd liked the city before I even meet them but yeah there going to think I moved there cause of them as there so self centred .


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