Why did my ex girlfriend bring up guy troubles?

I have no idea why, help please. We broke up about a month ago, but we still talk regularly. She IM'd me last night asking for a sad song, I asked why and she started telling me about how her old ex (who is literally not smart at all, and a pothead) started talking to her, and he asked her out, but she denied him because she knew one of her friends was talking to him, and that they were planning on dating real soon.

I got mad when she brought this up, and I told her that I didn't want to hear it, then I logged off on her.

I have no why she brought this up to me? (well, I did ask her to tell me what was bothering her lol XD ) Should I apologize for my logging off on her, or not. I still have feelings for her, but I just feel that we shouldn't date right now (maybe in a month or two).



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  • "She IM'd me last night asking for a sad song, I asked why"

    You asked her a question, she answered, you got your panties in a twist and left. Maybe that is some insight as to why you aren't with her anymore. Don't ask she won't tell. And yes you should apologizer for being an (_|_)

    • Cha brah, your deffinately right dude. I was a d*** about it. Thanks bro.

    • Hey we all get caught up in the moment and make mistakes, it happens. Whether or not you are a man comes into play when you can admit your mistakes and apologize for 'em.

  • she's probably trying to turn you into one of her girlfriends.. did she break up with you?.. if so then she deserved it.

    • Ha no I broke up with her because it was going no where. and that's what I was scared of too, but then again I asked her to tell me, and she told me. I already talked to her about it, and she said that she should've realized that there was a boundary of what we could talk about.

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