I really like a guy who was in one of my classes last semester. Do I let it go?

I am a shy, quiet kind of girl. I like this guy in one of my classes. Yes, he knows I exist. He added me on Facebook and we would usually have across the room conversations, just normal stuff. (I noticed he didn't really talk to any of the other girls around me, the same ones that sat across the room too.) I feel pretty comfortable around this guy. He would always laugh at my stories and stuff too, told me I was funny as well. This guy is also usually pretty, shy, quiet, and sweet.

I also ran into him at the rec. once or twice a week. He would always stop and talk to me, sometimes for a couple of minutes. (If I was using a machine, he would usually just wave. Too hard to talk while on the treadmill...lol.)

I feel like there may be a spark there. It's just my intuition talking. What can I do? I'm the girl. I don't feel like I ought to ask him out. That's a bit weird to me. Can I do anything to encourage him? Keep in mind I'll probably only be running into him at the rec. or around campus now. :(


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  • He's definitely interested in you. But like you said, he's too shy and scared of rejection to ask you out.

    Ask him to a movie with you and some friends, ask him to bring some of his friends as well. make it a casual thing until he's comfortable asking you out


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  • ASK HIM OUT! Or at least him a hint that you want to hang out with him:

    ex: "I'm free tomorrow if you want to meet up or something."

    This statement will give him the opportunity for him to make plans with you. Guys would LOVE it if a girl asked them out. Since it's expected for the man has to make the first move, men who are shy may not dig out the courage to chat up a girl. Because of this norm, so many things are left unsaid and not done.

    Hope this helps! :)


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  • Hey, I'm shy like you but sometimes you have to push past that. :) A few things that may help: try and talk to other guys in the rec. room. Let him know that since he's not asking you out there's a chance he could loose you to another more willing guy! :) Also, keep busy so you don't think about him all the time. Always have a smile on your face when he's around! Guys love it (I mean go crazy for it)... Good luck tell me how it goes!


    • That's not the best idea, if he sees her looking at other guys, he just might give up and look for another girl. If I see a girl being chatted up by another guy, I give him his space unless I KNOW I can out do him. This is especially true if the guy is shy.

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