Girls, why does my ex contact me and then backs off?

Our relationship was a great one. Never any real issues or fighting. It was the kind of relationship were you would say "they are going to end up getting married", The relationship ended very suddenly when she said she had lost some feelings for me... To this day, I still dont know why, and I still can't see any signs I should have been aware of.

She suddenly made contact again after a year or so. Wanted to catch up and hear how everything was, and even friend added me on Facebook again. She wanted me to drop by some day so we could hang out.
I could see on her Facebook that she got out of a relationship 2 weeks ago... They were only together 1 month or so...

I accepted her friend request, but a few days later it seemed like she lost all interrest again.
haven't heard a word from her since... When I tried to set up a date for us to hang out she was "busy", so I left it to her to tell me when she had time... And like I said: haven't heard a word from her...


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  • It's quite Clear here, dear, she is Not a Steady Betty in any real relationship, and no matter Who she ends up with, it is going t be Nothing but a Full circle problem pattern, down a badly beaten path and a War of there Roses in the end.
    She is the kind of girl who doesn't know what she wants and who she loves. She is this fickle pickle who is Not koshore nor sure enough even to keep a date with a mate or just Anyone who is even a friend or An... EX who can be considered One to Mark an X in your own softie spot. She leaves a bad impression no matter how long it has been with you both.
    If you were smart, you have time to change your mind. Don' Involve yourself in her redrick and no chance for romance. Delete her and block her from Fb as fast as you can before she manhandles you and your vulnerable Heart... Again and she has her own chance to utter one more wary word.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Maybe she is talking to the guy she just got out a relationship. She only contacted you because she was probably hurt over her break up.

  • DUH - when distracted by another guy, she's got no feeling for you = dry up & die
    but when no guy to distract her, what's to catch up with someone easier to manage than a stranger, esp. someone she's Controlled prior
    When she friended you, she was MASS mailing out to a gang of others as well so when a stranger/other responded, you resumed your position as last in line, last resort for her

    Sooner or later, IF you tolerate this, she will pull this fickle stunt for yet another reason... she's feeling bored & another deal didn't work out for her, so she turns her frown unsipe down by baiting/teasing your interest in her. Once you respond, she cuts you off or dismissing you again. hahaha = what's she thinking afterwards


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