Why are exes arse holes?

Why does my ex think it's ok to not have his children on the day he picked.


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  • 1) Exs are assholes because they have no obligation to be otherwise. Your an ex why should he care about you.
    2) He should take care of his kids when he says and that's immature to not do do.
    3) people say that its not there fault for marrying assholes I say it is. Simply because you should only marry someone who has the same principles on major factors such as cheating or kids and things like that.
    4) Exs that are like this do it because they have some resentment towards u whether it's the fact that u dumped them ot always nagged them or you never forgive or you never understood his problems. Guys become explosive once they harbour all there emotions inside and while girls release there anger by talking about it and being appeased by there husbands guys dont feel there wives will listen or actually value his feelings on a matter. They build this anger so afterwards he becomes a ass but in reality he's just showing u how he feels.

    • Haha I love how guys comment on here like its the girls fault they are the way they are. I have an old fashioned way of thinking when it comes to relationships. I was the wife and mother did what I was supposed to for my family. He had iusses I was there the thing is he never sorted out coz he said it's a weak thing to do. I explained that to try something is the best way and if he didn't like or want to continue that's fine and if he wanted to he could try something defferent and I will support him. He drank more and more. Drugs to not coming home. He had support and help he choose not to take it. We have been over for a bit now. He's gutted he keeps telling me but I can't live that life anymore it wasn't good for my mental health and it wasn't good for my kids

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  • Its your choice when he has them so tell him what suits you and the kids and its up to him to make himself available.

    • If I did that he would never see them his terms so he can't bail and Blame me. But then he did. Kids crying coz he ignored them in the street my heart sunk for them

    • Only in time will he regret his actions now as kids will grow to hate him. His loss as long as your there for them, that's all they will need. Just leave him to it he needs to change and realise what he's missing and hopefully before its too late.

    • I know. My children will always have me I'm their mum. Xx

  • Because assholes become exes.

  • Cause some can't seem to let go after the break up

    • But he's been fine for weeks then this.

  • Why did you have kids, if you knew you weren't going to stay together?

    • Did you really just ask me that question. Well let me tell you something. We was together for 13 years and after years of his drinking drug taking and hanging about other women you think I should stay ERM no I stuck it out for as long as I could. I can't see my life without him but I'm happier for not being in the relationship. I now have no worries of what he's doing behide my back or what ever he's doing at all. My kids are happy coz iv manged to get myself out of the depressed state I was in.

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    • I'vent yet had my heart broken, because, it won't

    • We will see. You will one day let your gaurd down. I will pray for you 😀

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