Is ex avoiding me because he doesn't ever want to have anything to do with me again?

My ex is completely avoiding me right now. He broke up with me 7 weeks ago for no reason that I can understand. I saw him briefly about 3 weeks ago and he texted me afterwards and said I love you and miss you. But I didn't say it back because I'm so hurt. I told him I miss our friendship. We were best friends and so in love for 8 months and the day he broke up with me he said he was deeply in love with me! We hardly ever even argued. I'm so confused. So I guess since he's completely avoiding me he doesn't want anything to ever do with me again? This kills me. I can't understand how someone can just never talk to someone they loved and had such a strong connection with. I haven't contacted him at all except once to ask why he was completely ignoring me when we saw each other and to ask him if we had to pretend we don't know each their now!! He said he would talk to me but I haven't heard from him at all


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  • Well, some people do that to protect their feelings, meaning each person has a different way of dealing with things, maybe that's the best way he knows to deal with the breakup. Since he said he will talk to you, so that's good just wait and see, you can't do much about it anyways.

  • My theory is that maybe the break up was to much for him (one way or another) so he could not want to bring back those memories. & U know what they say, out of sight out of mind

    • But if he had feelings like that why did he break up then

    • Well I didn't know the feelings between u 2, plus I don't even know how the break up went down. I'm just going off the info I got

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