I Let Him Go, But Miss Him?

A week ago I called thing's off with a guy that I was seeing like we weren't in a relationship but it was a friend with benefit's type of thing and was the first kinda thing where it was a friend with benefit's thing in my life..so on this guy's birthday we were ganna chill and I went over and waited ,called him and no answer I was like okay,so I texted him and said Thanks for not answering I was outside waiting for you with your gift and cake..like an hour went by and he called me back and I didn't answer and so he text and was like sorry I was asleep and my phone was off,I just said Oh,Then he text and said I'm hungry can you bring me something and I was like wtf..and shortly after like I just straight our said I think we should stop talking and he was like REALLY?WHY?and I was like well not really but for a lot of reason's and he has not text me back and this is why I called it off because I felt like he was just using me when he wanted something,and we had only slept together once but after that It just felt like weird and like he wasn't hugging me or kissing me anymore after we did it and I told him like if that's all he wanted from me and he said no but anyways I text this dude like 2 days ago and told him why we needed to stop talking but that I didn't want to and still haven't heard back from him and I do miss him but I don't know what to do..he is leaving back to his hometown and I know that we will stop talking eventually and when he leaves I'm the one that's ganna be hurting..so I know this all doesn't make sense but I miss him and what would you do if you were in my shoes?


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  • since he hasn't answered any of your texts I would give him a call if he doesn't pick up leave him a message telling him how you felt and why you did what you did...i would make sure he knew how I felt and if that's not all that he wanted from you then he should how around


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