Disappointed and lonesome?

I've had such bad luck with women that I've noticed it affecting my interactions with other people.

I've either made approaches for girls that cheat on guys, play them like arcade games or those that turn out to be lesbians.

I discourage people I know from getting into relationships as face it, all they do is open people up to getting hurt. I feel very lonely, stuck at home as my friends have all relationships and problems of their own. My best friend has suggested that I seek help as I seem to grow more and more bitter against the world, but I don feel that way.

Help me out guys.


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  • [ Reality Check ]

    - Men want women for what reason? To get laid, have a family, and/or to be happy WITH someone

    Here's the issue:

    - Your perceptions are biased. That is, they are because of a certain couple women. No one in this world could say "I've dated every woman ages 16-100; they are all scandelous" without it being a complete lie.

    - So basically, through your perceptions of what these women have done + what is fair ... out the window.

    No two situations are gonna be the same. Everything needs it's balance "Yin / Yang"

    - so if you go around thinking "I will be happily married by the time I'm 21, with a PhD and several billion dollars. She and I will go to Hawaii for our honeymoon. During this time, there will be no problems at all" - wrong.

    While there are "GREAT" times in life and places to go, people to see (etc); there are also heartbreaks, headaches, and everything inbetween. Embrace the fact that you and your future "SO's" are human, that you have flaws, and that there are things you cannot change - BUT That you can influence ;D

    Live life man. Do you wanna be a bitter, grumpy individual, that never "gets laid" and that doesn't have an heir to your potential future? Or would you rather live it up and take a "Fukitol" pill?

    Best regards,



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  • Maybe your perception of the kind of woman you would like may be a little off. You may be perusing the same "type" of woman. Have you tried going after someone you wouldn't usually go for? And I agree when you say relationships are hurtful but take it as a learning experience and you will appreciate how wonderful that woman is when she finally stays in your life. Please don't feel lonely, those friends who are in relationships probably envy your freedom.lol.. I would. Hope this helps!


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  • lots of guys have bad luck on this file , myself I haven't had much good luck at all and no success at starting up any successful relationships , I just ended up going after the wrong girls and geting my feelings hurt and they ended up geting annoyed at me over the whole thing like it was my fault even though I was the one hurt and still lonely


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