Guys, Why would my ex keep coming back to me and asking me to hang out periodically?

Guy's why is this?


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  • Feelings for people don't just go away. They linger and even fester regret. Backsliding with an ex is not as completely crazy as it sounds. They were someone you are usually comfortable with, who you can trust (within reason), who you can be yourself around. New relationships are full of unknown and tiptoeing. It comes down to being able to be themselves around you since you know them. I'm assuming he broke up with you, because sometimes after a breakup, not everyone is so certain it was a good idea so they linger trying to figure out if they should try to get back with you or stick with their decision. There could be several reasons why, but the most common is that he does still want to be with you, even if it's just not for a relationship.

    • We'll I need him to want to be with me?

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    • Dang, I'm sorry. But don't worry, there's lots of guys out there. Don't give up

    • We'll I'm Wondering WHY he's Not Contacting Me AND If He'll Come Back This Time

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  • Because he misses you, and most likely desires you back.

    • Yet he hasn't done anything about it yet. Why?

    • He has, his technically making a move by wanting to hang out with you, but you're not responding in the way that'll let him know you're interested.

    • Yes I am. How Do You Figure IM Not?

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