My boyfriend and I broke up, after a few days he told me he still wants to be friend and hang out can anybody enlighten me on this situation?

So we got into a huge fight and broke up and we've been texting each other but haven't seen each other since, he tells me he loves me more than anything he just has a lot going on which I know. My friends who are also his told me he's trying to work on himself for us but I still have doubt. Half of me really wants to see him the other half knows I shouldn't because I'll break down and he says he really wants to be friends and hang out and stuff and he doesn't know now but maybe we can try again. I've heard that from my last ex and it didn't work out so naturally I'm worried. I know he's a vary honest person he's never lied to me (I would know I snoop A LOT) his friend just passed and he's having problems with his family and other stuff I'm sure it's a lot on someone. I want to be a good friend and supportive but I miss him so much. I do love him and I know he loves me and he told me if I want to I can hang out with other guys and mess around with them but I told him he's really the only guy I want. Obviously we're young and don't quite understand a real relationship (I'm almost 19 and he's 20) I'm just really confused. Today before he hung up he told me "I love you" then bye like we did when we were together and I said it back its just heart breaking I don't think I've ever felt so hurt and broken without someone because I'm usually an extremely independent woman but it's like through our relationship I always wanted to do things with him by my side. I'm just scared of losing him. Please help.
Maybe I didn't say this right he told me that because he said "I want you to be happy weather it's with me or someone else and he said not to lie about it"


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  • He told you to see other guys. What more do you want him to say? He doesn't care about you and wants you to move on. Why are you being such a clinger? Have some self respect and kiss his ass goodbye. You have more value then he gives you. Be that independent woman you say you are and don't kiss this guy's ass.

    • He told me he just wants me to be happy he never said persue another relationship I think he's just thinking the way I am that I'm looking for someone else he said he just wants to see me happy weather that's with him or someone else. I'm not going to say goodbye to someone who try a hard time in his life is still thinking about me before himself

    • Girl he is not thinking about you, he is thinking about himself, like we all do. "With him of with someone else" then why not with him? If you really care about him let him go. Trust me. You learned from your last ex, and I also learned from both last exes, staying friends is not gonna benefit you. It might be a temporary pleasure, but it's a devil's favor. You will think you are fine and that you like that you are friends, but it's gonna hit you hard when you least expect it. And then you're gonna have to go through the heartbreak all over again. You don't feel the same right now, that's why he is fine with being friends, because he has lost romantic feelings for you. I know you probably hope that those feelings are gonna come back if you stay by his side, but their not. He is gonna friend zone you so hard and that's something you don't want. His problems are no longer your concern, your only concern now is you without him.

  • I think you'll have to let him go. if he told you to hang out with other guys, then it's over.


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