Should I miss my ex girlfriend?

So I moved to Dallas to support my ex girlfriends dream, I wasn't the best person when I moved to Dallas but yet I still support her, I was at almost all her home basketball games, she had gotten hurt in the of the season and I brought her to all her doctors appointments and basically took care of her, and when it snowed I drove in the snow to make sure she had food, when it was time to move out she got upset because I didn't help as much but she was cussing at me then days later she broke up with me and when I cried my feelings to her she laugh, and now she has a new girlfriend two months later, but it feels like I'm the one that's feeling down n sad and she having a good time, she messaged me and told me to never contact her again she is in a relationship which is pretty messed up
We attend the same university and I will see her all the time I try and tell my self I don't love her but it's hard


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