Did his exes change his mind about me?

My ex was getting close to me again and said he wanted me, but one day he calls me and he tells me his ex fiancé texted him. He said she texted him like 5 times, but I guess he talked to her and she told him that she wished she would have stayed with him and had kids with him. He said she got his number from a friend of his but I find that hard to believe because they've been broken up for 5 years.

he told me he was with her for 7 years, then she cheated on him and got pregnant by the other man. She is still with that man and has a 2nd child with him.

He he then told me another ex texted him asking him for money, and she still texts him once in awhile.

He then tells me that the women he was with before me that he lived with for 3 months showed up at his house.

All of this happened 3 weeks ago but before that he was acting like he wanted me but then he became distant.


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  • probably did.


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