How to stop the temptations of wanting to text my ex?

He usually texts me every week but this week he hasn't contacted me at all. It's been a week since I've talked to him, and we were trying to work things out. He said he still loves me and misses me. After we talked we texted for a while but he stopped responding to my texts so I texted him "are you mad at me?" Then about 2am the next day he text "why would you think that" but I didn't respond so he called me and we talked for a while then texted back and forth until 4am. The last thing I said to him was goodnight.

i want to text him so back and I feel really anxious and heartbroken because I feel like he is going to walk away again. Should I just move on?


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  • If somebody wants to be in your life, they will make an effort to be in your life. Now there are times when we stop texting because we actually want you to text us first. I have no idea why we do this sometimes, it just complicates things.

    Just like with any relationship it will not succeed without communication, so communicate. If you want him back so badly, tell him. If he wants you he will make the effort, if he doesn't want you then move on. Easier said than done i know trust me.


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  • just delete his number and move on.


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