Im okay during the day, until it becomes night?

I have recently come out of a relationship with a guy that was never "official" but we acted like we were. And it ended upruptly about a week or so ago, and since then we have had constant arguments on what we want, or what we should do because neither or us want to let go. Plus he is moving to another country in a few days so we have no choice... What I want advice on, is that is it normal that during the day I think I'm okay and that I've moved on, and mostly during the day I'm just angry at him and tired or all the emotional rollercoasters he put me on... But when it's at night, it just hits me like a truck and I start feeling the worst amount of sadness and pain and I miss him so incredibly much? Why is it that I go from okay during the day and a mess at night?


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  • During the day your mind is busy, whether you are at work or school or with friends and family. You are keeping your mind busy just by going about your average day. Thus you have much less time for your mind to wonder and start thinking about such things. At night however, you are alone, getting into your bed where you now have some down time and your mind is able to relax and starts to think about everything. It's completely normal. I my self am going through it right now. When i cannot sleep i find a movie to watch, or i browse random sites like this. One thing is certain, with time it will get better. It just takes time.


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  • At night you wind down and start to reflect more as your day becomes less hectic it's totally normal just keep busy and stay strong girl! MessGe me if you need more help I went through something similar


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  • Because you have time to de-stress and in that time you are not thinking during the day. Interesting thing to know is that when you are sick the worst times or most intense times are between 5-8pm


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