Guys, what to say when a guy forces you to break up with him and then he wants you back?

The guy I was dating forced me to break up with him by begging me to do things sexually that I wasn't comfortable with. I told him no and he wouldn't budge so we decided we weren't compatible. Now he texts me a week later and says that he misses me and isn't sure what to think. He says he is considering changing his ways. What should I say or do? I mean I am afraid that if I go back to
him he won't be able to change his ways. Do you think he could really change? What should I do?


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  • Change to what though? Is he a sexually adventurous guy but you don't want him to be or what's the deal? Or is it just too soon for sex in the relationship and that's what's bugging you? I mean if he wanted to do whatever he wanted to do then he'll likely still want to now. Maybe give him a chance and see how it goes, sometimes people make hasty decisions.

    • He wants BDSM and multiple partners

    • ooo yea that's definitely something you would have to be into, probably best to move on since sexual stuff like that doesn't really go away

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  • Wtf, why would you even still consider it? Screw him. Imagine he is a wolf and you are his prey. He wouldn't stop until he got what he wants. Stay the F out of him.

  • Ummm, your not going to change your habits sexually in a week.
    Tread carefully.


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