Why did he change?

I've been thinking about my most recent ex boyfriend and im still wondering why he changed into a different person after a while... he was everything you could ask for but then he started acting like a jerk sometimes buut still was sweet sometimes, can anyone explain this?


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  • He may have been this Dream come true for You in the Beginning of your Beguine, @Hope_for_love, but then when things became a bit too cozy and comfy, he Needed his space and Needed to spread his wings and Come out of his shell of the man he was with you, that he wanted you to see. He Then Changed into this animal of another color because he let his hair down and felt more at ease to show his true colors that you were never Allowed to see with thee.
    If this makes Any sense, maybe it is good he is Now this 'Most recent ex boyfriend.' Eventually, being two birds of a feather, you probably would have seen that this Prince Charming was Disarming and decide not to stick around as Sticking together.
    Good luck and go find a date who is your perfect mate.

  • 1. In the beginning of every relationship, all people make an effort to show their best traits and hide the less good ones. Of course, they cannot keep this up forever and after a while, you start seeing behind the facade.

    2. He may have lost interest after a while so he didn't feel like being nice to you anymore. You should not take this personally.

    3. Maybe you only saw what you wanted to see a while. It's easy to idealize someone for a while, but then we suddenly start seeing something and then see it more and more.


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