My ex wants to keep a friendship.

My ex wants to keep a friendship but told me not to get my hopes up. He said he wants to talk like once a week.

But he does not want to get back together and needs more time to think.

Last night I asked him for the first time in speaking in over a month or two, if he wanted to either end all contact together or kind of still keep talking. He told me keep talking, but not to get my hopes up. He said he missed talking to me and that I was his best friend. He said we just broke up over an accumulation of things.

He said he needed to get his life back. He said when he was dating me, he put his friends, his life, and his family on the back burner.

He said he just needs time to work on him.

I don't get it. He said he has felt horrible these past two months.

this is the first time I've got to talk to him.

I'm going on a date soon with another guy. I'm just hoping this new guy I go on date with is good and we have chemistry. As much as I love my ex, I don't think he will ever be willing to get back together with me. I just want to move on.

I'll keep you updated and tell you how being friends works out... But I think the main thing is, he has no energy anymore to put in the relationship. If he was so miserable for two months without me, why wouldn't he take me back?

We dated for 2 years. He told me when he upped in rank, he said I was the first person he wanted to call, but couldn't.

He broke up with me. He says he still needs to think.

His friends don't want him talking to me, at all.


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  • Look this is why I never stay friends with ex's. It just makes it more complicated. He's at least being honest with the "don't keep your hopes up". But he still needs to man up and just either slip up or go back to you. Honesty if I was him I would have split up because if I'm doubting a 2 year relationship that much then why should I just keep trying until marriage/kids get involved. I'm not saying it's you...who knows what he is thinking; you are going to have to find that out for yourself.


    • What do you mean slip up? He did say not to get my hopes up, but he didn't say no contact forever, which makes it complicated. I mean what am I supposed to do call him? or wait till he calls me? In means by making it a friendship? He said maybe try to talk once a week. How do I do that? I flat out asked him if he wanted to just never contact/talk again, or keep talking. He said no to the no contact thing. He thinks I'm his best friend, but I still don't know what to do.

    • Or do you think the whole thing about not getting my hopes up is just him saying he doesn't want a friendship, even when he said he did. I hate reading in between the lines like that. He said he still wants to know what is up in my life. He also said he had tried keeping friendships with exs but it never worked out. So why try it with me? Is that guy code saying "I don't want a friendship in a nice way, that is completely confusing?"

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