Help please was he just using me?

We dated for 2months. And then he says "he valued me more as friend the a girlfriend. " then the next day he tells me how sorry and how he didn't feel he deserved me and went on about how he loved me and basically "confessed" his love to me. But i said hed have to better than sorry. And he promised he would. then the next day he says he talked to his mom and thinks he needs time how we better off friends because he's all over the place and doesn't want me to leave his life. But he deleted me off fb. And I don't know. I thought maybe I'd have a chance at a normal relationship? Because I really believed he cared. Because we'll my last relationship was abusive and just it wasn't a good. And I did everything for this guy made sure he had food at his place tried to help him get his ged. I wanted to help him better his life. I wanted to be there for him bc no one else is. His friends treated him like "the bitch" people said I was to good for him. But I don't know. He doesn't really have friends. And now I just feel stupid and disgusted with myself my looks. And I just don't understand if I did something wrong or if he was using me? Worse of all I guess he broke up with me on his bday I had everything planned to a T. I still gave him his stuff I dropped it off but he couldn't even face me. I wanted to make his birthday perfect. But I feel shitty. And even more stupid to still care about him. I just really believed in him.


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  • In honesty, I don't think he used you at all/or anything along those lines
    I think his head is not in a good place and he has no idea what he wants. Purely I just think he is very confused and feeling low within himself atm


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  • I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

    I'm not sure if he was using you per say but it seems like he doesn't know what he wants and if a guy doesn't know what he wants then you better as hell find a guy who does know what he wants because a guy shouldn't have to need time to know if he wants you or not. Plus him deleting you off FB was just nasty!

    Allow yourself time to grief. Be sad for a few days. Cry. But then pick yourself up and realize you'll be OK without him and that you will find someone just like him but only 100times better. Don't contact him again and try and keep yourself busy.

    • Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. i thought it was just so bogus. Because I helped him a lot. Or at least tried and I was trying to help him get his GED. He's 20 and I'm 19 and about to go to college. And I spent most of my extra money making sure that he was able to at least eat more than just one meal a day at his fast food job. I just. I don't know. My friends are say I should just be angry but I'm not at him so much but at myself because I believed. I'm sorry. But thank you

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  • first, i wanna say i understand your pain. i'm going through a mixture of both of yours and his situation. you need to confront him... don't take no for answer! he needs to decide where he stands. this isn't healthy. you need to let him know that he ether wants you... or he doesn't. i hope he makes the right choice.

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    • I couldn't. That'd be unfair to that person as well. I'm sorry I just I couldn't do that.

    • that's why i'm suggesting a friends boyfriend or husband. he has to know that he's truly losing you before he can sot them out... he can't do it on his own. all he's doing is chasing his tail

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  • He was using you.


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