What are ways to help myself move on?

hey everyne so my boyfriend of 7 months and I mutually broke up because he felt as if he wanted more experience with other girls. i was his first girlfriend, it hurts because i didn't want to but i can't force a guy to be with me. we were all good in the beginning i dont know what happened... i wanted to stay in and fight for us. but he wants me to stay close friends with him and be part of hislife. he was my first real boyfriend who treated me right... i dont know what to feel. im hurt and confuesed and angery. im a senior and he is a junior in college he says that we have different mentalities and that also he is busy with school and work we saw wach other once a week or twice before. now its twice a month... i did all icould... i did all my 100% or more... what are some ways to move on


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  • You're very mature young woman and you will meet a nice guy someday
    how to move on i have to say keep yourself busy and don't stay in room
    for hours without doing something , get into drawing, go out to the mall
    with girl friends , go volunteer to visit elderly at the nursing home etc.

  • you seem to have all you need to put this behind you. you already know you did all that you could to make it work out but it takes both to make a relationship strong , and he just wasn't in it for the long haul. you were willing to do what ever it took , how ever he wasn't. You are already in the grieving stages of the healing process and I don't mean to sound cold or indifferent but that's good that you are. just focus your attention on you for now and do the things that maybe you couldn't while with this guy , and know it does get better


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