My ex boyfriend's actions confuse me.. help?!

I broke up with my boyfriend for the 3rd time 5 months ago. We started dating almost 5 years ago. Our break ups are always for weird reasons, but usually because things just are not working. We are so in love, and we usually get back together. But this is our longest breakup. I feel like it's either going to get us back together for good and stronger than ever, or end us for good.

Anyway, I would text and call him a lot, about 3 months after the break up... before I did this, he was calling me a lot. Anyway, he ignores my texts and calls, or sometimes answers once. BUT, if I go a few days without talking to him, he calls or texts me. He called the other day to see how I was... then he called a few days later to say he ran into a family member of mine... then he texted me talking about our past problems out of no where. I am interested in getting him back, I love him, he's all I want. But I can't tell what he wants, every time I ask he says I don't know. Maybe we'll be together again 1 day. he used to say stuff to me like... I'm still going to marry you one day. agh! but lately I just randomly hear from him about random sh*t... why?! I mean, he wouldn't call or text at all if he didn't still care right?! OH and he IS seeing another girl, who has completely changed him as a person, and she is nothing like me... but I was his 1st love and he was mine... what does he want?! I feel like I need to not talk to him at all for awhile or something...aggggh
the family member that he saw was my brother... when I asked my bro about it he said he never saw my ex. hm


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  • sounds like he's moved on. he's changed and possibly just messing with your mind. my advice is to act like he doesn't exist and if he tries harder, then you know he's for real. he's with another girl. for me, if I know an ex is with another girl, I move on completely. he's nothing to me after that. he doesn't exist. I'm with my boyfriend right now and that sealed the deal for me. I don't think about ex bf's anymore. try dating a different guy. he should try harder if he wants to get back with you and dump the other girl. if he's serious, he'll break it off with the other one.

    • Thats what I was thinkin girl! He called me a couple times today, but I was with my friends practicing for our dance class and totally distracted. I didn't wana answer because like you said, he should be trying hard and 2 phone calls means nothing. he's dated other girls during our breakups before but I also dated other guys. its always rebound type sh*t.

  • I've been here with a guy before. What I suggest to you is to move on. Meet someone new. From my experiance the break up and get back together thing never ends well. If you and he are ment to be it will happen but you can't sit around waiting for him. You need to get out and live your life. If he is seeing someone than you should to. There are plenty of fish in the sea. You may or may not end up with your first love but you can't let things like that ruin your life. Hope I was somewhat helpful and good luck.


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