Should I start messaging my ex after all the horrible things?


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  • No.
    Sorry, but this is how you move on. You leave them out of your life and move on. It was a beautiful chapter in your life, and forever changed how you act going forward, but you do have to go forward and not backwards.


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  • Sometimes 'Horrible things,' @rainbowdash_262, Leads to Either a Reconciliation or Even... Friends Instead.
    Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it is Goodbye forever, my love. And with two 'EX" who still may still Mark an X in one another's heart, with things that may have gone Horribly wrong In the Relationship and even After the Fact, space and some time and a cooling down period, it doesn't mean Anyone has to stand on ceremonies to Do in their heart what they want to say or do to press a button on their own to Say... Hi, how are you?
    Good luck. xx

    • Last time I tried, he only said hi and didn't reply to anything else. But I guess, I should not do it.

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    • What about in the future? What if there's more pain to it if I move on.

    • Life IS full of pain many times no gain but your Life is still what You make it. xx

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